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Cleaning and Oiling Your New Deck

Outdoor living is what it’s all about and what better way to enjoy the Aussie summer is to get yourself a brand new Deck made by me- Steve.

Planning your perfect outdoor area and getting everything in place for your new deck goes hand in hand with deck maintenance.  Keeping your deck in tip top condition, cleaned and oiled ensures your investment will be enjoyed for years to come.  This is an easy job for any level of DIY enthusiast.

After deck construction, the wood needs to be exposed and acclimatised to its environment for 4-6 weeks before any oiling can commence.  This gives you ample time to head over to your nearest hardware store to pick up the necessary equipment needed to do the job.

The best advice about buying the right oil and wood cleaners can be found at your local Bunnings store. One of their staff members will be more than willing to help you choose the right oil and wood cleaner for your deck.

What do you need?

In this DIY project I used the deck oiling and cleaning range from Intergrain. I opted for the Intergrain UltraDeck Oil and Intergrain Reviva for Deck cleaning and surface preparation.

Equipment used was a small hard bristled broom, paint tray, paintbrushes(for the hard to reach areas) and a deck oiling broom.

Preparing the deck

  • Before you can start oiling the deck you first have to clean it.  Cleaning is very easy with Intergrain’s Reviva.  One Litre of Reviva to 4 Litres of water in a bucket and you are ready to start.
  • Word of warning though.  Reviva contains sulphuric acid and will burn when coming into contact with your skin.  Always wear protective safety gear like gloves, mouth and eye protection at all times.
  • Start by watering the whole deck making sure to clean off any dirt and dust. While the deck is still wet apply the Reviva.
  • Use the hard bristle broom and scrub the deck one slat at a time. Make sure not to miss any spots as later spot fixing may cause problems when it comes to oiling the deck.
  • After the cleaning process, make sure to rinse of all excess Reviva from the deck- any Reviva left behind will hamper the oiling process.
  • After the deck has fully dried, sprinkle some water over the surface.  If the water gets absorbed by the wood the deck is ready for oiling.  In the event that water beads form on the wood,  repeat the cleaning process.

(Equipment and Deck after cleaning)

Oiling the deck

This process is very important and should not be rushed- take care to plan your “exit route” -you don’t want to be trapped in a corner when completing the oiling process.

  • When oiling the deck, make sure not to do more than 3 slats at a time(width of the oiling broom) working with the grain of the wood.
  • Make sure to wet the oiling broom head thoroughly.  When applying the oil you want a even coat. Also try not to overlap coats of oil this could lead to darker spots on the deck.
  • After you have finished the oiling -leave the deck to dry for 4hours.  Repeat oiling process about two times after the first coat.  This will leave you with a lasting finish which will protect the life and appearance of your deck for years to come.

(Finished Deck)